ZiaNet - Personal Services


Dial-Up service


Our standard Dial-Up service package for 56K modems.
High Speed Access


Find out about High Speed Access services are available in your community.
Tech Support


Helping you get the very best of our service is our most important job.
Web Directory


If you already have a connection to the Internet, or someone to take care of your  web page for you, you can maintain a web directory with one mailbox for $10 per month + tax. This includes 250MB storage on line. There are no limits on email except as stated in the Terms of Use.

Web Page Design 

We can develop your personal or business web page.

Non-dynamic webpage:
Basic forms, no flash or data-base oriented pages, no shopping cart

Dynamic WebSites:
Shopping Carts

We also support Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal CMS

Please call 877-938-7746 for pricing and more info - Las Cruces please call 575-522-2681

Additional information