Large Business Accounts, Policy


ZiaNet has special requirements when dealing with large business accounts. We must apply a couple of special conditions when it comes time to change a password or to add or remove accounts.


Your business is very important to you, and our practice is to make certain that we do not compromise the operation of your Internet services through ZiaNet by making unauthorized changes to your account. In the case of a business with connections or email accounts in many offices, someone in the organization might decide they want to change a password, causing someone at another office to be unable to connect. The other office then calls us to find out why we locked them out. Or, someone decides they want a mailbox or another connection added to the account. The owner or manager discovers this only when the ZiaNet bill comes, and wants the account deleted, with credit for the month of service we billed. In order to avoid such confusion, your business account(s) are handled in a special way.

When someone calls to change a password or add an account, we will attempt to verify that person's identity by one or more of several means to make sure they are authorized to make changes to the account. If the caller is not the POC, we may ask them to have the POC call us in order to change the password or account record.

When the POC changes.

When the person assigned as POC for your accounts leaves the organization, we ask that the manager or owner deliver a letter to us notifying us of the name of the new POC. This should be done on company stationary (or with the Company letter head) and should include an authorized signature. This assures us that we are dealing with the right person. It may be delivered in person, mailed, or Faxed. We are sorry when this causes inconvenience. We do this for your protection, and we do our very best to take care of it promptly.

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